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Drysdale Family South America - February 2017

"Thank you,  a thousand thank you's"

Consultant: Jackie Cross

Doris & Doug

Hello Jackie:

Home a week and things are slowly getting back to normal and routine.  We had a marvelous cruise and the private tours in Manaus and Rio where the highlights.  Saw and did way more than the excursions offered on the ship and at a leisurely pace.  Rio was much different than we expected and we certainly had a good time even when temperatures reached 97F. 

Doug joins me in thanking you for all the effort you put into making this a wonderful second trip to the Amazon.  We appreciate it very much. 


We wanted to pass on feedback regarding our tours in Manaus.  We had a wonderful time.  Our tour guide, Dennis (aka 'Dennis the Menace'), and driver, Beria, did an outstanding job.  Dennis provided an excellent commentary as we toured around.  He was able to go into great detail when needed and explained things in a manner that was easy to understand.  We saw things that you would never have seen with the packaged Oceania tours.  He was also very cognizant of Mom and Dad's walking capacity, so we moved at a reasonable pace, never rushed, and took breaks as needed. 


We all loved Rio.  It was in part the guide and driver, but it was also the city. As we at in the airport getting ready to leave we all agreed  we needed just a couple of more days there.

Attached are a couple of pictures Gabriel took one of us at Ipanema and the other as we were getting ready to go clubbing.  And a couple of pictures of the Villa

 Thanks for all your help making this happen! 


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