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Central California Explorations and Majestic Mountain Loop Tours
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Central California 

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Immersive journeys allow you to interact with locals, to experience traditions which brings an intimate understanding of your destination and the people living there.  

The world of soft adventure includes interests like trekking, biking, tented camps, ranches and expedition vessels.  Discover your passions here.

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Celebrity Rome to Israel Oct 2017

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Group travel means sharing experiences with others with like interests. We organize our itineraries so that you connect and share perspectives in a small group setting.  Leaving you to enjoy the journey as much as the company you're with.  

​Our hosted itineraries include a Refined Journeys representative to assist in serving your individual needs along the way.

Central California home to Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.  The gateway to the Central Coast with rolling hills lined with orchards and grapes, growing the best produce and bottling  world class wines.  Come sip, savor and see the majestic beauty of Central California 

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Looking to get away to the sun, discover Europe by rail or boat. Experience the the vast Canadian countryside or maybe a trip to New Orleans, New York or take the family to one of the Disney Parks. ​​ Looking to take a cruise or riverboat? We got you covered, check out some of our great packages for a few days or a few weeks.  We have something for everyone.

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