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We all dream of experiencing the perfect romantic honeymoon and creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Whatever your dream, we can offer you options to suit your interests, lifestyle and budget - from a romantic tour of Italy to a leisurely cruise or a secluded island getaway.

Today, the honeymoon is no longer left up to the groom alone, much as the wedding is no longer planned only by the bride.  Couples are planning their honeymoons together.

You are undoubtedly spending a great deal of time and effort planning the perfect wedding.  You will spend many hours, or weeks picking that perfect dress you will wear for just a few hours - planning your first trip as a married couple deserves no less attention.

Some couples begin planning too far in advance and too many begin planning too late.  We have found that 10 months or so is

the ideal time to begin planning.

Your first trip as husband and wife should be as special as the day you said "I do".  Your honeymoon will be unlike any other

vacation you will take together and having the right travel professional will help ensure your memories of this special time will

be fondly revisited for your many years as husband and wife.

For You:  Like any other gift registry, the Refined Journeys Honeymoon Registry allows you to receive the gift you want.

For your Guests:  The Registry allows them to give the gift that keeps on giving.  Your memories of a romantic honeymoon will stay with you forever and they can say they helped make those memories.

Our Service:  We will provide you with Registry Cards to insert in your Bridal Shower/Party invites or keep some on hand for the Maid of Honor or family to distribute when asked what you would like.

The Process:  Register or book your honeymoon with Refined Journeys.  Your guests simply send a check, money order or provide a credit card and we will apply the amount to your honeymoon arrangements.  They will receive a gift card certificate and envelope as a notice of the gift to you.

The Added Benefits:  Extra money?!  Why not upgrade to that suite you wanted, first class airline seats or simply take the extra for spending money...

It is as simple as that!  Register today.

Honeymoon Registry